Rye sprouts

Rye sprouts have qualities similar to those of wheat sprouts. For example it has been proven that if before sprouting the seeds of grain crops contain traces of vitamin C, then the sprouts will contain at least 12 – 14 mg vitamin C per 10 grams. Rye sprouts contain very high concentrations of vitamin B1, B2, B3 and H /biotin/ which are especially important for athletes and people whose jobs require a lot of physical exercise.

                  Grains                                       Sprouts

          Vitamin В1                           –                                       7,9 mg/kg

          Vitamin В2                       1,3 mg/kg                            8,3 mg/kg

          Vitamin В3                        72 mg/kg                           129 mg/kg

          Vitamin Н /biotin/            0,4 mg/kg                           1,2 mg/kg

Rye sprouts have a piquant taste. They strengthen the nerves and muscles.

Rye sprouts