Broccoli sprouts

A programme carried out at the Medical Centre of Duke University, USA, combines the achievements of contemporary cardiology with the effective methods of natural therapy. According to this programme broccoli and the other cultivars of cabbage are especially beneficial to cardiac health as these vegetables contain important antioxidants and biologically active substances. The concentrations of these substances are much higher in the sprouts.

According to many studies from Western Europe and USA broccoli sprouts provide the best defense against cancer. Their regular consumption, even in small quantities, is an excellent prophylactic measure and reduces the risk from this cruel disease to a minimum.

Broccoli sprouts are tender, with specific aroma and taste. They contain the vitamins C, P, B, K, D and A, enzymes, minerals and organic sulfur. Broccoli sprouts aid the cleansing and recovery of tissues in cases of respiratory infections, diseases of the stomach and the intestines, cardiac diseases and problems with the spleen and the liver. They strengthen the vascular walls and support the treatment of atherosclerosis and obesity.