The extracts from broccoli and alfalfa sprouts and their mix /50% each/ can be consumed with yogurt, juice or kefir, or as seasoning for salads and cooked foods. One teaspoon is equivalent to 50 grams of fresh sprouts. It has been established that the regular consumption of broccoli sprouts is the best approach for prevention of cancer. Furthermore broccoli cleanse and recovers tissues from respiratory infections and stomach and intestine diseases, strengthen the vascular walls and help with swelling, flu, cardiac disease, obesity, atherosclerosis, gall bladder and liver problems. One hundred grams of alfalfa provide 80 percent of the recommended daily doses for adults of all vital minerals and vitamins. Furthermore they contain 20% proteins and 25% fiber. It is not a coincidence that the majority of chefs in elite restaurants advise people to part with the prejudice that alfalfa is only farm animal fodder.